Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Prisons Department hit by shortage of inmates’ uniforms

A storm is brewing at Prisons following a serious shortage of inmates’ uniforms.
It is alleged that a fight broke out at the maximum prison in Gaborone in which inmates fought over uniforms.
It is further alleged that after the fight, some inmates were taken to hospital where they are receiving medical attention.

Some inmates are said to be using their own clothes in prison. Insiders at the Prison Department said that it is very disappointing to have such kind of a problem.

They alleged that there is rampant corruption at the Prison Department which is now being exposed and that somebody has to be answerable.
“Yes it is true,” Senior Assistant Commissioner of Prisons, Anthony Mokento, told Sunday Standard. “However, the tender for the purchase of prisoners’ uniforms has been approved and an order has been made with the supplier.”

Mokento said the shortage was caused by the unavailability of the cloth.
He further said that in the Prisons setup, the main purpose of uniforms is to easily identify convicted prisoners.


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