Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Private equity firm Ariya Capital opens Botswana office

Ariya Capital said it is opening its first office outside of the United Kingdom, in Gaborone, in anticipation of a formal launch in February of Ariya Capital’s first investment fund.

Ariya Capital is a private equity firm focusing on sustainable investments in frontier markets.

With a presence now on the ground in Botswana and strong ties to Africa, Ariya will invest in three mutually reinforcing sustainable sectors clean energy & technology, microfinance institutions and telecommunications.

“Ariya is committed to becoming a leading private equity firm in the sustainable investment arena, by delivering superior financial returns and maximising positive social and environmental impact,” the company said in a statement to The Telegraph.

The office, at The Square, Gaborone, will consist of six staff, including Bryan Lemar, one of Ariya’s three partners.

Two members of Ariya’s executive team will also be based at the office: Sean Moolenschot (Investment Director) and Heloise Smith, (Director of Origination).

Herta von Stiegel, Founding Partner and Executive Chairman stated that the move is an important one day in the development of Ariya Capital.

“Our firm aims to generate superior financial returns (IRR 25%) while fulfilling key social and environmental needs in the Southern Africa Development Region. It is therefore vital that we have a strong team of senior management and staff on the ground in Gaborone.”

“We are committed to leading the way in sustainable African investment by investing in enabling sectors that are key to poverty alleviation. We will do this by taking significant equity positions in companies and taking a very hands-on approach to enhancing the value of our investments from origination to exit.”

Ariya will complete a full analysis of a company’s performance and ability to manage global trends, such as demographics, climate change, tighter regulation, social instability and economic development.

This is applied alongside rigorous on-the-ground due diligence. This investment process will enable Ariya to optimise returns, mitigate risk and ensure key social and environmental criteria are met and measured.
Ariya will look to take significant equity positions and appoint a board representative for its investee companies.

Ariya will source its investments through its presence on the ground, strong advisory network and institutional and business relationships, use a comprehensive assessment  that incorporates sustainability alongside financial indicators.

It will also continually focus on value creation that utilises the skills of the team and enhances the value of the company and see an exit-driven approach that embeds value from origination to exit.


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