Sunday, May 26, 2024

Productive month for Botswana Cricket

The Botswana cricket National team recently managed to secure a position in the Pepsi International cricket council (ICC) Cricket League Division 6.

The team managed to retain qualification to compete in one of cricket’s most prestigious competitions. The team will not be only representing Botswana but Africa too.
Botswana Cricket Association (BCA), which nurtures and maintains the team, is also a body under the Africa Cricket Association (ACA).

The much-anticipated league for cricket lovers is expected to be hosted in Singapore from the 26th of August until the 5th of September 2009. In a letter written to the BCA by the Chief Executive Officer of ACA, who also happens to be a regional development manager of the ICC, the AFA were impressed by the team’s qualification to participate at the worldwide event.

Meanwhile the BCA was busy collaborating with King’s Camp Botswana in launching a cricket camp called King’s cricket in order to make a mark in the celebrations of cricket’s 100 years of existence.

Early this year, The BCA had promised to create and increase the number of cricket programmes/initiatives within its premises to acknowledge the century long existence that was being celebrated by cricket lovers this whole year. The programme was allegedly focused on encouraging young boys and girls to discover and develop their cricket abilities and was sponsored by Debonairs Pizza.

The King’s cricket camp lasted for about a week and the turnout was satisfactory. Most participants were students from schools in Gaborone. Activities in the programme included sessions on batting, bowling, throwing, catching and fielding as well as fun games and competitions.

By the end of the camp period, Donna Simons won the Cricketer of the Week for her outstanding performance throughout the training period.

Farai Bobo facilitated the camp with the help of King’s Camps cricket coaches, Blessing Mugumwa and Taurai Chakanetsa. The BCA also roped in the expertise of one of their own coaches, Innocent Chando, and Clement Chipanga to assist with the training.

According to a statement made by Kings’ team members, “The foundation has been laid for King’s Cricket, which can only grow bigger and better. As such, the cricket programme will be part of the King’s Camps activities each school holiday. The majority of the children who took part in this camp were keen on keeping the cricketing spirit alive by wanting to come back for more cricket, which shows that there is hope for cricket to develop to greater heights in Botswana.


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