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Promote good health in the workplace !

Let me greet you on yet another easy Sunday. I hope all is fine, especially that tomorrow is Monday. I believe your mind is clear and you are getting ready to start another beautiful week. Today we talk office and workplace health.

Is your organisation really health concious?
We spend most of our time at work. We are at work for about 6 days of the week and may be one or two for our socials and leisure. Scary, hey? Yes, because without work you can’t put food on the table! So, as you can see, we spend most of our time at work and thus it is important that we take health in the workplace seriously. All of us, including employers, must ensure that our workplaces are free from slips, backaches, shoulder aches, neck pains and all you can mention. You must be understanding this well if you are fighting against some aches as we speak. Let’s explore a few things to ensure that everyone in your organisation is well.

Make wellness a priority
Encourage your personel or colleague to seek medical attention on time if they are not well. An employee may not be physically sick, but may be emotionally troubled. Many employees may be free from a medical problem, but may not be free from mental unrest due to family, financial or any other psychosocial problem. A healthy workforce has a potential to deliver. Don’t deny reality. If a staff member or colleague is sick, it is impotant that we give them support and ensure they get medical attention.

Have mentors and counsellors
Many people experience a lot of negative things in the workplace everyday. Bullying, harassment of all sort, and emotional trauma are some that employees may experience at some point in the work place. Consellors or mentors play a vital role in ensuring that every one is well and that they get necessary attention.This helps to prevent job disatisfaction and burnout.

Invite the right speakers
This is important ! Your employees need motivation, health education and life coaching all the time. Ensure that at all times you invite the right speakers and avoid confusing your employees or collegues with peole who spread health myths for financial gain. Be careful and invite the right people.

Serve healthy food at all functions
Many workers gain weight from the food they eat in daily meetings, workshops and other functions organised by their organisations. Whole grain cereals, fruit and vegetable salads should replace the fatty, fried, salty, and sweet preparations that are most liked by all attendants of meetings, workshops and corporate parties. Do not ignore the calories you get from alcoholic and soft drink beverages ÔÇô they may cause weight gain if abused. Try to reduce the number of coffee sessions and replace them with chat or joke breaks ! Humour is a good medicine.

Your cafeteria should lead by example
Encourage your cafeteria to offer more vegetable and fruity meals most of the days, and offer fatless and less sugary and salty meals. Fat cakes and ‘serobe’ and all those beef stews are nice but their intake should be limited because they are rich in fat.

Say no to stress
When a big deadline looms many employees get torn apart by stress. They get pressured, tense and eventually get fatigued and exhausted. Post the deadline the after effects continue and headaches, fatigue, neck pain, shoulder aches become dominant complaints. Hire stress management consultants and learn to resist stress.

Be egonomically up-to-date!
Make sure your equipments and wokstations are egonomically correct. Wrong chairs, desks, wrongly assembled workstations often cause backaches, shoulder pains and neck complaints. Allow short breaks and encourage your employees to stretch their legs and backs if at all they sit or stand for too long. Sitting or standing the whole day is risky and are assosciated with skeletal and muscle problems.

Conduct heath risk assessments
Get a wellness consultant to conduct health risk assesment on specified periods and to give compressive feed back and recommendations to each individual employee. If possible, give them an opportunity to meet and discuss their problems with the consultant. High blood pressure, diabetes, weight, cholesterol issues, stress, poor diet habits, and lifestyle habits such as alcohol and smoking should at all times be screened for and rehabilitation structures be made available and ecessible for all!

Affiliate with gyms, and give incentives
Going to the gym regularly can be a challenging task and is almost impossible for everyone. But your company can do something about it. You can absorb all the gym costs and introduce some incentives, or even big bonuses for those that show say about 75 percent gym attendance, and of course show progress and a trackable productive record.Try it and see if it works for you.
A healthy workforce has the potential to deliver !

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