Friday, July 19, 2024

PS slams Batswana’s poor work ethic

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Solomon Sekwakwa, says Batswana’s poor work ethic is costing the country’s economy.

Officially opening the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA Fund) branch in Selibe Phikwe over the weekend Sekwakwa said poor service delivery continues to mar the image of Botswana and works against plans to boost the country’s productivity.

“I have been to other countries and the service you get from these countries is way above the services in Botswana,” he stated.

He encouraged MVA Fund and other organizations in the country to improve service to customers. Sekwakwa explained that he has developed a strategy to improve service delivery in his Ministry by mingling with different organizations and customers or clients in order to receive first hand information about their services.

He says one of the factors that holds back service delivery in many organizations is failure by top management to mingle with their clients and subordinates.

“As a leader I believe that in any organization for you to improve, you need to mingle with your employees and clients to try and get first hand information about your services,” he said.

He advised MVA that modern customers are aware of their rights and responsibilities; therefore it is imperative for the suppliers and service providers to demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of their customers. On a positive note, Sekwakwa applauded MVA Fund saying that following concern from Batswana that the organization’s services were poor, there has been significant improvement.

“MVA Fund has improved its customer service over the recent years,” Sekwakwa said.

He added that such achievement was reached through the review of the MVA Fund Act of 1998 which was reformed from a legalistic approach to a more customer focused process of dispensing compensation to those affected by accidents. He went further to praise the MVA Fund saying that the organization has grown as it has managed to expand its footprints to different parts of the country by continuing to open branches.


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