Thursday, September 24, 2020

Pyjama parties

A pyjama is a loose trouser or top that you wear in bed while a party is a social occasion to which people are invited in order to eat, drink and enjoy themselves so to sum up: a pyjama party is a social occasion where one is invited to eat and drink while wearing something loose that we wear to bed.

Pyjama parties are the in-thing nowadays and am thinking when compared with 21st birthdays they would top up because everyone knows about what happens at usual parties but when you think of a pyjama party you would go crazy because it seems interesting as you would want to know what’s different about it. Thing is ,with usual parties like birthdays, anniversaries and graduations you would be welcomed by loud music, people wearing their own outfits, people of all ages, young and old so to say and most of the times celebrations are under tents.

The first time I went to a pyjama party was 2 weeks back and going there was really hard work because I had to go shopping to buy a new pyjama outfit because I forgot that I have been wearing this other sleep shirt for almost two years now not realising that one day I would have to expose it! Well it didn’t matter wearing tatters because I have no one to lure in bed. I went to shops like Milady’s, Woolworths, Stuttafords, Edgars looking for an elegant pyjama but all I found there were these sexy, sultry and wild ones and subconsciously thought of Mr Price and went inside. I found a simple, nice pyjama, sleepers and went to pay for them because I was already tired of running around in stilettos and so my feet were sore.

Come Saturday night, all fresh in my new pyjamas, went there and found a lot of people in a queue for blindfolds and had to follow suit as well. Anxiety ran through my spine because I did not know what to expect inside and who am going to socialise with the whole night.

Whoa, this is going to be a massive party but where are the hunks if only I see them ladies? A dancehall with bed mattress, pillows, dimmed lights, cooler boxes filled with all sorts of drinks and of course, hunkies! Get me right, pyjama parties are simple and wonderful occasions one should attend in their lives and so these is how it all worked out, men were asked to come earlier than us wearing only boxer shorts so that they apply something oily to their upper bodies to entice us ladies and indeed it worked, those friends of ours have really nice bodies that I did not know of.

The night was one of a kind as I met different people and had conversations with them with drinks flowing like river water. Ladies came wearing sexy pyjamas, mostly short and exposing their belongings and a few wearing long trousers with I included but what came to my mind was why were they wearing all those skimpy outfits, these is not a lingerie but a pyjama party! Everyone got to the dance floor, we jumped up and down on the mattress and pillow fighting anyone you came across with, and damn it was fun! At around the wee hours everyone started getting cosy with their partners and I felt out of space but suddenly a lithe black guy with rather a soft skin and broad shoulders came over to me and asked me to dance with him. My goodness, the feeling of him close to me all warm and soft made me think am in my own bed having a good dream. It all went smoothly until it was time for me to go home which means I had to say goodbye to my dancing partner and he walked me over to a car, exchanged numbers and there, the night for me was over!
In with the pyjama parties and later with 21st birthday parties! Better check it out.


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