Sunday, June 23, 2024

Questions the director of DPP would not answer

Last week we sent a questionnaire to the director of the Directorate of public prosecutions Mr. Leonard Sechele on his assessment and possible prosecution of Directorate of Intelligence and Security services director general, Mr. Isaac Kgosi. Below we publish in full the questions he refused to answer.


Herewith please find a questionnaire relating to the matter concerning the above named. We would be grateful if we could have your response by close of business Friday 5th December, 2014, as we would be going to Press on this day.

Has the investigation docket (DCEC No. Docket DOC/IF/2011/01166), been submitted to your office for assessment of evidence and possible prosecution? If so, when?

If so, according to information in the docket, when were the investigations against Mr. Kgosi commenced and completed?

How many witnesses were interviewed by the investigators from DCEC in course of the investigations?

If the Docket has been forwarded to you, what criminal charges (if any) have been recommended against Mr. Kgosi by the Director General, DCEC?

If the Director General, DCEC has recommended to you any criminal charges against Mr. Kgosi, has she similarly recommended that he be jointly charged with any other person or persons? If so, who is (or are) suth other person or persons and what charges are recommended against him (or her or them)?

According to information contained in the docket, what is the total amount of money involved in the charges recommended against him?

In your view, was it not advisable for Mr. Kgosi to have been interdicted from duty pending investigations and institution of criminal proceedings (if same are to be instituted), particularly considering the office he holds?

Do you envisage a conflict of interest on your part in assessing and taking a decision on Mr. Kgosi’s case in the light of the fact that before you became DPP and during your emplyment at the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) you worked under and reported to him?

Owning to the position of Mr. Kgosi (as Director General of DISS) and considering the atmosphere of fear (or a perception thereof) engulfing the public relative to the activities of his organisation coupled with your department’s manpower constraints, would you consider out-sourcing services for his prosecution?

Media reports have been abound that there has been an attempt to steal Mr. Kgosi’s docket from DCEC, what steps have you put in place to ensure its security as well as the security of those officers in your office seized with it?

If the docket has been forwarded to your office, what time frames have you set for ensuring an expeditious completion of the assessment of the evidence and making of your decision?


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