Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Race for BNF president down to Boko and Gaborone

Otsweletse Moupo’s decision not to contest for the Botswana National Front presidency has narrowed the race to human rights attorney, Duma Boko, and current party vice president, Olebile Gaborone.

Moupo announced at a press conference on Monday that he will not contest for the presidency. He would not name his preferred candidate, saying that he leaves it to BNF members to decide.

There is, however, a general consensus within the Front that Moupo supports Gaborone. The party Vice President stood by Moupo during his turbulent presidency.

Boko and Gaborone are playing their cards close to the chest, and they are loath to reveal the names of those on their lobby lists.

“We shall leave it to the BNF membership to decide whom they want as their leaders,” said a cagey Boko on Monday.

Moupo has remained steadfast that the decisions of the outgoing central committee to expel some members, among them Nehemiah Modubule and Elmon Tafa, will not be reversed.

The BNF constitution gives the congress the powers to reverse the decision of the central committee, thus giving the Temporary Platform a chance to contest the elections.

But information from within the BNF indicates that there is a likelihood that some members of the Temporary Platform will feature in Boko’s lobby list.

Boko also enjoys support from the BNF Youth League and some disgruntled BNF members who previously backed the Moupo camp.

Gaborone, on the other hand, is expected to attract the liberals in the BNF who are uncomfortable with ultra-left politics.


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