Sunday, July 3, 2022

Radio and TV presenter Kago Setshogo laid to rest

Mourners from the media industry joined family and friends to pay their last respects to RB 2 presenter and Btv news reader, Kago Setshogo, who was found dead at his house on Monday in what is suspected to be a suicide.

The Acting Director at the Department of Broadcasting Services, Keitirele Mathape, said Setshogo’s colleagues at RB2 got worried when they realised he had not reported for duty in almost a week.

“We convened a meeting on Monday morning as we were worried about his whereabouts but we never suspected it could be something so tragic.”

She said as far as they were concerned, he had not displayed signs of distress or anything that might have led to him to taking his own life.

Mathape said her department was completely shocked by his death and described the manner in which he seems to have died as completely out of character.

“He was such a lively, caring and cheerful person,” she said.

Mokgweetsi Kgosipula, speaking on behalf of the bereaved family, said they received an alert from the Setshogo’s colleagues asking about his whereabouts as he had been missing for a while.

“He had just relocated to his new house in Phase 2 so his parents did not really know exactly where he was staying but upon hearing about his absence from work we engaged his brother who took us to the house,” Kgosipula said.

He said when they got to the house they realised the door was locked and there was a bad smell coming from inside at which point they contacted the police who took him to the hospital where he was confirmed dead.

Kgosipula says Setshogo was found hanging with what looked like a rope around his neck but said it has not yet been confirmed if he killed himself as police investigations are still ongoing.

“It seemed like he had been dead for days as his body had decomposed,” he added.

Setshogo started working for Btv as a presenter for a late night music programme, Meribo, before moving on to RB 2 where he hosted a late night show until his death.


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