Thursday, July 18, 2024

Rail Park Mall hosts successful comedy night

The first annual Rail Park Mall Unplugged Comedy Knockout Festival held at Rail Park Mall’s Food Court on Friday, July 27 lived up to expectations, comedians leaving the audience in stitches.

Inspired by the need to see local comedy movement grow, Rail Park Mall this past Friday hosted a comedy night for its customers featuring Botswana’s most hilarious comedians among them Phenyo The Master, Mawee, Rekunde, Bols, K-Lo, Thapelo Malane and Lebo English, as well as Zimbabwe’s funny man Clive Chigubu of ‘Yeye’ fame.   

First on stage was the show host, Clive Chigubu, taking turns tickling the audience with a dazzling performance, feeding everyone off the palm of his hand courtesy of his inspired and animated lines.

Although the event commenced later than the scheduled 7pm starting time, the mood was set when the all the featured comedians came out to play giving the audience their money’s worth thanks to their well-prepared and rousing material, in the process endearing themselves to the crowd that had gathered for an event which promises to become a regular fixture in the Botswana entertainment calendar.

Mawee from Gabane was in his usual element as he sent the audience into several spells of laughter, and so was Phenyo The Master from Mochudi – who proved that through hard work and practice one is bound to grow in their chosen passion and craft.

Quite stirring was Mawee’s performance on stage as he worked his magic narrating a story of his life using a combination of words and renowned Kwasa-Kwasa musician’s songs; Franco while Chigubu moved the audience with a few skits inspired largely by former Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, LGBT and life in general.

All the featured comedians on the night definitely gave the audience their money’s worth and lived up to their expectation as the crowd cheered and laughed their lungs out from start to finish.

“The Unplugged Comedy Knockout Festival pitted comedians against each other in a series of fast-paced challenges. We had selected the country’s best comedians from the Botswana Comedy Camp (Major Moves Comedy) and divided them into groups of two,” said Rail Park Mall Marketing Officer, Keletso Sebogodi, “We then sent them into a battle of high stakes comedic gameplay. As they say, ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, and what a better way to engage with the Mall’s copious members of the public than by hosting this apt comedy night.” She said in the world of retail real estate, marketers are often challenged to do more with less, and create tangible results in turn. “Our greatest aim as the Mall is to make the most of our marketing efforts and drive foot traffic to our tenants’ storefronts.”

“I’m very proud of how this event turned out. We are grateful to all those who came tonight to support local comedy. We have had tremendous support for our past shows from both the public and the media alike and for that we remain thankful,” said Events Coordinator for Major Moves Comedy, Gaolathe Kediemetse.

Among those in the audience included local rapper and Tlatsa Lebala proprietor, Kast alongside his wife, Veronica Molapisi, Keno Suits co-owner, Donald Nnoto and his wife, online comic, Jujuvine as well as other loyal comedy fans.


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