Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Ramabu basks in basketball glory in U.S

Former Under 20 Botswana Basketball national team player Botsile Ramabu is making a name for himself and the country in the United States of America (U.S.A).

Ramabu is currently counted among top -100 basketballers in DMV (used to refer to Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia as a unit) after having a good season the previous year.

DMV is a program that seeks and identifies athletes with great attitudes about developing their skills year around and maximize their potential as an elite player on an elite team. 

In Botswana basketballers do not go to college to play basketball so they cannot advance to play in a more competitive environment expect during international tourneys. Therefore, there are less Batswana who are able to play in international leagues.

Ramabu explains that he started playing basketball at St. Albans College in Pretoria, he mentions that his major achievements are; winning all-tournament, eight times in the United States and in South Africa. He also stated that the major tournaments that gave him experience include   the Bob Kirk Invitational Tournament in Maryland, Chris Voutoure Classic in California, National Hoopfest in Washington DC among other tournaments he played.

“My highlight has been getting to use basketball to experience different cultures around the world and using it to open doors to different opportunities. I have not received any scholarships yet. I currently play basketball at Potomac State College in West Virginia. However, I am sure the opportunities will come,” he highlighted.

He suggested that Batswana who have played or went to school overseas for basketball should have a more handson approach when it comes to spreading awareness of the game in Botswana. Potential players that show interest should not be scared to come forward and embrace the sport.

Ramabu’s former local coach Mothusi Thipe said, “Ramabu is a tall forward and I very   athletic 2.1 metres tall. He was one of the players who impressed when sent by Botswana Basketball Association (BBA) to a basketball Camp in South Africa called National Basketball Aassociation (NBA) without Borders in 2014. He is forceful and left-handed shooter,” Thipe described Ramabu.

Thipe pointed out that observing the player’s time in the U20, Ramabu has a lot of potential to make an impact in The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA division 1) in the USA.

He said Basketball is growing in a big way in Africa hence NBA has decided to support Africa Basketball League because there is a lot of talent in Africa.

For his part, Re Ba Bona Ha Basketball development programme coach, Katlego Rakola, said as a growing association, BBA relies on government and parastatals to nurture the dreams of athletes. He stated that BBA has programs like the elite scholarship to sponsor student athletes in different countries, athletes are also sponsored to attend specific training camps.

Rakola said some players are scouted during national team competitions while some are sponsored by their parents to play it college leagues.


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