Sunday, June 23, 2024

Rammidi rubbishes rumours of going back to the BDP

Member of Parliament for Kanye North, Kentse Rammidi, has dismissed as unfounded the circulating speculation that he is about to rejoin the Botswana Democratic Party.

He says he remains a staunch member of the Botswana Congress Party.

He said his eyes are on contesting next year’s General Elections under the banner of the BCP.

Also dismissing earlier media reports that he will next year relocate to Gaborone South, he has said he will contest Kanye North, a new piece of development which goes a long way to show that with the BDP government currently under siege in many fronts, not least because of the education mess, opposition parties may now by sensing blood and getting more buoyant that they could do better even in some of the ruling party’s traditional heartlands.

A former Secretary General of the BDP who first went to the Botswana National Front before settling at BCP, Rammidi suspects that BDP strategists are employing the same tactics they have in the past used to lure activists of the Botswana Movement for Democracy to the ruling party.

He says what the BDP normally did was to leak information “often false, but sometimes true” that they were in contact with certain BMD leaders and activists as a way of not only putting pressure on those activists, but also creating a public expectation in the mind of the public that such BMD activists were on their way to the BDP.

He said he will not fall into that well-known BDP trap.

More interestingly, he said he is aware that the BDP had dispatched a few people to establish contacts with him. He said he has not talked to such people and advised them not to waste their time.

“I am not talking to the BDP and I am not interested. I still think they are a joke,” Rammidi said to Sunday Standard.

“Who in their right mind would at this time join a party that is on its knees? Who in their sound political judgment would at this time join a party that is creating such a mess with the lives of so many students? I am a serious politician. The BDP is destroying the future of young Batswana,” he said.

Rammidi said his conscience and principles will not allow him to be a part of a political outfit that is leading the country and its citizens to a bleak future.

“And I did not resign from the BDP because I wanted any favours. I am happy at the BCP and I am ready to take on the BDP on a political battle in the Kanye North constituency,” he said.


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