Friday, March 1, 2024

Rammidi to set the record straight

The Botswana Democratic Party Deputy Secretary General, Kentse Rammidi, is this weekend expected to hold a series of meetings in which he will clarify his position on recent reports that he is being groomed to replace Secretary General Jacob Nkate as both the leader of the A-team and party Secretary General.

Information reaching The Sunday Standard indicates that the BDP Deputy Secretary General has been forced to clarify his stand after it became increasingly clear that Nkate’s prospects as an influential member of the BDP Central Committee and Member of Parliament for Ngami were slowly coming to naught. After the widely reported secret meeting of a section of the A-team in Mahalapye over the independence holidays, at which Nkate was not invited, it has emerged that some members of the A-team want to oust Nkate completely and install Rammidi as the Secretary General.

At the same time, the BDP is said to be heading for a showdown after it emerged that some members are agitating for central committee elections at the party’s national congress next year. Some members of the BDP, especially those who are holding executive positions within the BDP, have argued that it would be detrimental for the party to hold central committee elections while it is faced with the daunting task of campaigning for the general elections.

Sources within the BDP have informed The Sunday Standard that those who are agitating for the central committee elections are the ones who are looking to get rid of Nkate. As it is, Nkate scraped through the BDP bulela ditswe primary elections in Ngami. He is also faced with a lot of dissent and disgruntlement as his primary election opponent, Thato Kwerepe’s appeal was dismissed, to the chagrin of BDP members in the area. Subsequently Kwerepe’s supporters have vowed that they will cast their vote for the opposition.

If, say the BDP insiders, the de-facto members of the A-team succeed in pushing for the central committee elections at the national congress, Nkate will be faced with the daunting task of defending his fragile constituency and fending off advances from those who are looking to oust him as Secretary General and A-team head honcho.

BDP Executive Secretary, Comma Serema, confirmed on Friday that indeed Rammidi was scheduled to address democrats at a BDP gala dinner in Francistown yesterday (Saturday) to clarify his stand on allegations that he is being groomed to replace Nkate. Today he is expected to launch BDP’s Damien Thapa as the party candidate ahead of the October 25 Makaleng by election which came about after the death of Albert Modise. “It is widely expected that Rammidi will also address the recent media reports at both these gatherings,” he concluded.


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