Monday, July 15, 2024

Realizing customer service as an act of national pride

Every once a week in October, the MultiChoice Botswana team, along with the rest of the world, celebrates Customer Service Week; a week specifically set aside to reinforce measures put in place by customer-facing organisations to provide their customers with an improved experience that exceeds expectations.

Since 1992 when MultiChoice Botswana opened its doors to serve Batswana customers seeking to enjoy an unparalleled satellite television service, the organisation has committed itself and its people to living by a mandate termed #CustomerFirst. A commitment undertaken by all of MultiChoice Botswana’s employees to put the customer at the heart of everything they do, and to find solutions to customer challenges, giving them an experience which gives them a reason to stay.

“As a customer, there are many things you consider when buying a service. You look at the price, yes, but the price is not the only determining factor. You also look at the level of service you are receiving,” said Mr.  Elliot Odirile, a subscriber who has been with MultiChoice Botswana for over 20 years. “For me, what is important is, ‘Am I getting the service I require?’ Whenever I ask for assistance, the staff at MultiChoice Botswana are always there for me. I receive the level of assistance I need. With that, it becomes very difficult for me to leave, because I know that wherever else I go, I won’t receive that same level of service.”

Mr. Odirile was one of the various customers who MultiChoice Botswana invited to share testimonials on their perception of the business’ standard of service as part of its Customer Service Week celebrations. The testimonials were put in place to show customer-facing staff how the customer perceives their service delivery and also to allow for honest feedback to create improvement in how the business operates.

Speaking to staff at the culmination of the Week’s activities on the far-reaching significance of truly living by MultiChoice Botswana’s #CustomerFirst mandate, newly appointed Managing Director, Lorato Mwape commented, “It is primarily because of our customers that we are able to make a notable contribution to this country. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to create the growing employment opportunities we create, nor would we be able to expand our footprint across the country, or partner with local entities who share a common goal of playing a positive role in the development of the communities in which we operate in. Customer experience for us is bigger than just doing the bare minimum; it’s a testament to our commitment to enriching the lives of Batswana.”

MultiChoice Botswana awarded its loyal customers who participated in the Customer Service Week activities with the latest Explora 3 decoder as a token of thanks for their loyalty. Customer Service Week at MultiChoice also included various activities around highlighting the importance of cross-functional collaboration and the internal launch of a digital product knowledge tool to enhance service delivery.


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