Saturday, March 2, 2024

Recording artist ‘Young Prince’ reaches for the stars

Thebe Rabogatsu, known by his stage name as ‘Young Prince’ is a young Motswana recording artist who has been gaining attention in Botswana’s music industry. At just the age of 19, he has a hit song playing across various radio stations, has been nominated for awards, and has performed at various venues across the country. 
His start in the music career began in the talent competition ‘My African Dream’ after which he went on to make music professionally. Currently, his song ‘Sadi Dikgaka’ has been playing on Botswana and South African radio stations, and has been widely celebrated on social media under the hashtag ‘#SadiDikgakaDancingChallenge’, where many Facebook users have uploaded videos of themselves dancing to the song. 
Young Prince first began writing music in 2013, and began performing for live audiences in 2016. 
He says that music for him is more than just a career, and that it has a personal significance to him. Speaking to Arts and Society, he says that in his life he’s suffered from depression and music has helped him deal with it. 
He looks up to various local musicians, and his influences include artists such as Vee Mampeezy, DJ Kuchi and the US singer Jason Derulo. He says he happy about the direction Botswana music industry is taking, however he still feels as if there are many flaws that need to be sorted out. “Batswana don’t really take music seriously and people who aspire for a career in the industry are looked down upon.”
Artistically, he’s not just tied down to his music career, but is also breaking through the acting industry. He says he will soon be featured in the South African soapie ‘Urban City.’ 
Last year his album “Sadi Dikgaka” was nominated for ‘Best House Album’ at the BOMU Awards 2017.


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