Monday, January 17, 2022

Recycling of parastatals board members irks Masunga

The  appointment of the same faces who sit  on the boards of parastatals  is a worrying trend to Kgosi Maruje Masunga, who is questioning the criteria used for appointing the same board members who are serving on several parastatal boards.
In an interview, Masunga emphasised that there were many Batswana who are qualified in corporate oriented disciplines who can serve as board members in  parastatals.
“We begin to question ourselves if we have relevant people within the parastatals who sit on those board amid events that have been unfolding. We need a fresh approach on the appointment of board members in parastatals,” Masunga said. “The same people who are always being appointed on these boards also bring questions on what kind of quality they possess as it is evident that the parastatals have been facing problems related to corporate governance.”

Masunga stated that he would not name  the parastatals that have been questioned about corporate governance.

He further stated that to raise a new leadership there is need to position most educated Batswana in these parastatals as board members.   He said that affording people such an opportunity will grow them as individuals because everyone is dreaming about growth in life.

Masunga had indicated at the just ended  Ntlo ya Dikgosi that he was concerned that the same people are always appointed as board members of parastatal  companies despite the number of trained and educated Batswana in the country.
He further stated that the appointment of the board members who are always recycled within parastatals does not benefit the country, which has a large pool of educated Batswana who have the required qualifications.

However, the Assistant Minister of Local Government, Botlogile Tshireletso, stated that most of the people who are chosen are chosen on merit and qualify for those positions. She said that Masunga should come up with a solution if he thinks there are anomalies in the system.
Tshireletso was responding to Masunga who wanted to know about the criteria used in the appointment of members of parastatal boards by the Minister.
The Assistant Minister also noted that boards of parastatals by nature require certain skills and competencies to provide strategic leadership to the organisation. She said that a member of the board when taken on board should possess or should have skills such as law, accountancy and human resources management to facilitate its operations.


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