Thursday, February 29, 2024

Residence and work permits fraudsters arraigned

Solomon Pachawa, 38, and Nathaniel Mharapara, 28, both citizens of Zimbabwe, were arraigned for mention before Extension II magistrate court on charges of forgery.

Pachawa and Mharapara were alleged to have, on different occasions in Gaborone and with intent to defraud, forged residence and work permits for non citizens.

The police said in one instance, the two forged residence permits and completed residence permit Form No. 15/3/21877/SCR purporting such permit belonged to one Deon Botha yet such permit does not exist.

In another instance, the duo forged non citizens’ work permit by completing work permit file No. 2229/06 and file No.L15/1/28(60)SCR, which belonged to Nambela Suwilanji but they changed it to the name of Barnard Jan Hendrick.

Pachawa and Mharapara were arrested when the labour offices became suspicious of the permits and alerted the police.

The prosecution intends to add more counts as the crimes were committed on different dates.

So far, the Broadhurst police have established 22 counts against the perpetrators.

Earlier, making application for objection against bail for the accused persons, the prosecution told the court that investigations were still ongoing and that the police needed time to complete their investigations.

The prosecution feared that because of the many anticipated forgery counts, the accused persons might abscond or interfere with witnesses and destroy evidence.

The court remanded the two in custody until April 27, 2007 and expects the prosecution to update the court about the status of the case.


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