Sunday, September 25, 2022

Road transporters form umbrella association

The Botswana Road Transport Society (BRTS), a national body to represent road transport associations in matters affecting the road transport industry, has been launched.

“This society is going to be an umbrella body and a mouthpiece for all road transport businesses,” said the Chairman of the Department of Road Transport Society (DRTS), Tshepho Monnakgotla, speaking at the launch at the Maharaja Conference Centre on Thursday. He said their intension is to work with the government and the police on amending the transport industry act and policy as well as to improve their service delivery.

“We want this society to be politically and ethnically neutral, in its nature, intent and practice,” he said.
According to Monnakgotla, the main objective is to create an enabling environment for road transporters in order to thrive and prosper.

“All we want to do is to provide a well organized, efficient and safe transport service throughout Botswana,” he said. “We want to seek ways of cooperating with the Ministry of Works and Transport to control and regulate the business of transport service.”

Monnakgotla added that the society would assist in combating negative health practices within the road transport industry as well as acting as a platform in assisting the government to reach out to the public.
In order to achieve its objective, Monnakgotla emphasized that the society would eliminate unnecessary and unhealthy competition prevailing amongst transport operators. He said it is also going to police itself and its members in order to improve the standards of service offered within the road transport industry.

“This society will work with the DCEC to instill zero tolerance to corruption in all activities of the society, its members and road transport and industry players.”

The DRTS Secretary, Malau Maoto, stressed that the organization aims to give its clients the best service ever because this is where they get their income. “This society will also be working hand in hand with BOCCIM as well as the Road Transport Association within SADC, in order to share ideas and increase our knowledge,” said Maoto.

In his speech, Mbako Mahube, of Mahube Buses, said though the BRTS had been in an establishment phase since 2005, it has some of the outstanding challenges. These, he said, include the review of the Road Transport permits and Road Traffic Act, and the establishment of a Fare Review Committee with the ever increasing PSV operational costs.

“We also want improvement in DRTS processes which have been taking a long time. We promise to take care of our drivers and conductors’ behavioral changes.”


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