Saturday, September 18, 2021

Robbery suspect pleads with court to discharge and acquit him

A 27-year-old man of Francistown, who is charged with two counts of armed robbery, last week pleaded with Francistown Chief Magistrate Mokwadi Gabanagae to acquit and discharge him as the prosecution was failing to set the trial dates.

He pointed a finger at the prosecution for unnecessarily delaying his case, indicating that the state, repeatedly failed to prove his guilt. Meshack Morapedi, who is charged together with one Keamogetse Pholi, told the Court that he always comes for mention without fail, but the prosecutor is always postponing the case.

The two are alleged to have jointly robbed one Morris Chonde of cash and property amounting to P3981.80 on the 29th of November 2007.

On the second count, the two and five others who are at large, are alleged to have robbed Lingani George of cash amounting to P700 and items worth P3 981.25 in Tjawada cattle post in the North East District.

However, Morapedi said that ever since the beginning of the case, he has never been furnished with statements and a charge sheet. He also mentioned that it was the fourth time that the state had postponed his case.

Therefore, he said, he felt the prosecution was failing to establish a case against him. The state prosecutor, Mackray Nkele, told court that the case had taken long because it was initially under a different prosecutor and a different magistrate. He rubbished the claim by the first accused that he had never been granted statements and a charge sheet. The case continues.


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