Monday, April 22, 2024

Robbery suspects claim police torture

In a case in which a Francistown man was robbed of his items at Insomnia Night Club in Francistown in 2007, the two alleged robbers, Kgolo Motsemang and Metlhaetsile Makganyane, have pointed out before Francistown Chief Magistrate, Mokwadi Gabanagae, that they confessed to the said crime after they were brutally tortured by the police officers from Central Police Station.

During cross examination, Kgolo Motsemang revealed in court that he was walking in the street when he was confronted by the Police who then arrested him and ordered him to get into the vehicle where they beat him. Motsemang mentioned that he had no choice but to confess the charge of robbery.

His alleged partner in crime, Makganyane, told court that he was also seized by the Police and beaten to a pulp during interrogation.

It is alleged that the three men, (currently on the run) robbed one Dennis Stanley Wright of a revolver with six live rounds and a cell phone. According to one of the state witnesses, who is also an officer at Central Police Station, they were alerted to the matter in the early hours of the 2nd day of December in 2007, when they received a complaint from a Savuti Security Guard officer on duty at the night club that he had arrested a suspect, Makganyane, in connection with the robbery.

According to the witness the accused agreed that they had attacked the complainant and took his items. He added that that they demanded Metlhaetsile to lead them to some of the suspects and he took them to Monarch where the other accused, Philip, stayed but were tipped by a relative he had gone to Donga to visit his girlfriend.

“In Donga, we found the other suspect, Kgolo, who cooperated with the police,” testified the witness.

The witnesses indicated that as soon as they arrested Motsemang, Philip emerged on the scene and but bolted when he saw the police.

“We managed to apprehend him through the help of the public at Coloured location,” said the witness.

They searched Philip and found the cellphone belonging to the complainant. The revolver was found near the railway station through the help of the third accused, where it had been.

Another witness who was the investigation officer in the matter, denied any torture allegations, but stated that all the accused never mentioned any allegations of torture when interrogated by the police. He said that the items were recovered except for the knife.

“The items were produced to the complainant and he identified them as his,” said the investigation officer.
The magistrate is will make a ruling on the matter on the 6th of November.


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