Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Rodizio: two years of fascinating dishes and growing popularity

Having been in operation for close to two years now, Rodizio Restaurant has been inspired by the Brazilian concept of rodizio, in which a diner pays a fixed price and the waiters bring an offering of food to the customer several times through the meal until the customer indicates that he or she has had enough.

Since its opening at Riverwalk Mall, Rodizio has managed to attract customers, especially the corporate ones. Dining at this restaurant is an experience on its own.

The rodizio concept is new in Botswana as no other restaurant has ever adapted it before. It serves Batswana very well and their love for beef is met here.

Although the concept of rodizio has been quite popular, it does not mean everything on the menu is Brazillian.There are a few exceptions, which include vegetarian and fish dishes, to cater for the different needs of customers.

On our visit here, my colleague and I opted to seat outside by the smoking section. It has a relaxing feel about it. We decided to have the Rodizio meal. After all, it’s the signature dish that has made the restaurant popular.

The meal was served with creamed spinach and butternuts on the side. The assortment of meat (lamb, beef, chicken and pork) is served while fresh and very warm.

The servers came to the table with the various kinds of meat held together on a skewer and a knife to cut it off.

So we did indulge in the abundant meat feast. All the meat was well done and flavoured. However, one notable aspect about the meat is that it had visible fat which in my opinion needs to be trimmed off prior to the preparation.

Our table was provided with a green and red coloured robot. When the red side is put up, it’s an indication to the servers to stop bringing the meat. The servers, however, will bring more meat if the green colour of the robot is flipped to be on top.

My colleague did use the robot and it worked. When he put the red side up, the meat stopped coming. When he did put the green side up, the meat came instantly, which clearly states the quality of the service.

After the meat feast, we moved on to indulge in prawns, which did not disappoint with their succulent feel and fishy taste.

Rodizio doesn’t offer breakfast but has lunch which runs from 12:00 to 15:30 pm.Dinner gets served from 19:00 to 22:00 hours.

The most expensive dish on the restaurant’s menu is P669.95 being the King seafood platter and the least expensive item on the menu is fish calamari at P89.95.

Notable facts about the restaurant are that they make their sauces when preparing the food. Rodizio also has a Dj who comes in on Thursdays and Saturdays as well as Latin dancers who come to entertain every Friday. There is also an added bonus of a mini dance floor with a full lighting system for those who want to indulge in a bit of dancing.


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