Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Rogue DISS bullies cash strapped WUC

The Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) last week arrested officers of the cash strapped Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) for trying to disconnect water at the DISS offices in Serowe. The DISS which enjoys a huge development and recurrent budget is understood to have over the years defiantly defaulted in its water bill payments, eventually running a huge bill. However, efforts by the WUC to recover the owed monies proved futile as they were bullied and arrested by rogue DISS agents.

WUC is currently reeling from a crippling a cash flow crisis that rendered it unable to pay salaries in December and January. The DISS on the other hand received a huge supplementary budget injection in December, against the advice of a section of the Parliamentary Budget Estimates Committee which felt the spy agency did not qualify for supplementary funding. In a bid to recover the debt owed by the spy agency, the WUC office in Serowe last week dispatched officers to disconnect the DISS water supply. However, the WUC officers were prevented by DISS officers from disconnecting the water supply and were instead arrested and detained at DISS offices by security agents who demanded to know who had authorised the water disconnection.

An emergency meeting was convened between the WUC and DISS leaders in Serowe, with the WUC arguing that it has the authority to disconnect anyone who does to pay their water bills and the DISS insisting that they are above that authority. With the two parties locked in a stalemate, the standoff was escalated to the WUC and DISS head offices in Gaborone. Sunday Standard has been able to establish that WUC was bullied into staying the decision to disconnect the DISS water supply although the spy agency had not settled its water bill. WUC Corporate Communication Manager Matida Mmipi confirmed the incident. Mmipi could not divulge how much the DIS owes.

“It has come to our attention that there was a misunderstanding earlier this week involving some employees of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security and the Water Utilities Corporation in Serowe over bill payment, resulting in an incident in which WUC employees were prevented from disconnecting water,” said Mmipi.

Mmipi could not go into details of what was decided by the two Departments, saying the matter was still under investigation.

“The details of the incident are still under investigation. In the meantime DIS and WUC agreed to work together to resolve any outstanding issues that might have led to the incident,” said Mmipi. DIS Director General Isaac Kgosi was not available for comment.


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