Friday, July 19, 2024

Rollers scoff at ‘sinister’ protests

Township Rollers spokesperson Phempherethe Pheto has accused his team’s Premier League rivals of employing underhand tactics to destabilize the club. In the wake of a flurry of protests against Township Rollers’ alleged use of defaulters, Pheto dismissed the onslaught as ulterior motives by certain teams meant to cause instability and derail Rollers’ championship campaign.

“It’s surprising that the protests are coming at such a crucial time when we should be focusing on the championship. We believe some teams are conniving to stabilize us. But they won’t succeed because we will fight them to the bitter end. We will prove them wrong,” he said.

Pheto added that Rollers doesn’t need to be distracted by protests at such a crucial time when there are only a few league games left.

“This is the time when players should be fully concentrating on the game. Some teams are now using dirty tricks to distract us, but they won’t win,” he said. 

Rollers is currently embroiled in a legal tussle with Mochudi Centre Chiefs and Gilport Lions, which have both lodged protests alleging that Ofentse Nato was improperly registered and therefore a defaulter. Nato has already featured for Rollers in two matches; against Centre Chiefs during the first round of the Mascom Top Eight tournament and in a league match against Gilport Lions. Centre Chiefs want Rollers to be kicked out of the Mascom Top 8 tournament while Gilport Lions want to be awarded three points from a league match they lost 3-0. 

Mochudi Centre Chiefs have since lost their case against Rollers as they were faulted for not following proper channels when lodging their protest; but they have vowed to appeal. Judgment has been reserved in the Gilport Lions case. Selibe Phikwe side FC Satmos were also alleged to have lodged a protest against Rollers, arguing that striker Terrence Mandaza was improperly registered after he featured in a match in which Rollers walloped Satmos 5-0. 

Meanwhile, Pheto has expressed suspicion that Centre Chiefs and Gilport Lions are not alone in the ploy to destabilize Rollers, saying some teams are also sabotaging his team behind the scenes.

“They were not prepared for the season and are now trying to use dirty tricks to destabilize our campaigns. They must know that the game of football is won inside the pitch and not outside. They won’t win against us,” he said.


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