Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Rollers’ boss dismisses claims that club is in chaos

Township Rollers’ managing director Somerset Gobuiwang has dismissed speculation that the club is in tatters.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been reports that most of the players are disgruntled and want out. This comes after players went for months without being paid.

Gobuiwang’s cause was not helped when coach Wesley Mondo attacked the club on national radio saying that he had not been paid for four months.

“I’m baffled by the reports which say I’ve not reported for duty. People (Rollers’ officials) know where I am; I even spoke to the chairman about my situation. How do they expect me to come there (Gaborone) while I’ve gone for three months without pay,” said Mondo in a telephone interview from Zambia.

His interview somehow confirmed that the club is in a crisis. All this time, Gobuiwang decided not to respond to the accusations, something which surprised many football lovers.
On Friday afternoon, the man who many love to hate, decided to open his mouth.

“Rollers’ supporters should not be worried by what is said in the corridors. Everything is under control at the club as we’re building for the future. We’ve been on a recruitment drive behind closed doors because it’s our intention to defend our league title,” said Gobuiwang, adding that he has Rollers’ interests at heart and he would not be intimidated by people who want to see him failing.

“I’ve worked tirelessly for this club and how can I desert it now? Every institution goes through financial crisis but that does not mean that the directors are incompetent,” he added.

On the issue of offloaded players, Gobuiwang hinted that before Mondo left for the Christmas break, he identified some areas which need to be beefed up.

“There was no way we were going to sign new players without offloading some. This talk of the club mistreating the offloaded players is rubbish because we’ve been kind enough to try and find them new clubs,” he said. The offloaded players are: Shoes Godirwang, Musonda Mweuku, Toy Moroke, Thando Moreki, Kgomari Mothuba and Mohammed Chawila.

Moroke, who struggled with game time since joining Mapalastina at the start of the season, has since moved to Notwane.

“We’ve told other players to inform us where they want to play so that we can negotiate with those clubs since some of them are still under contract. As for Moroke, he was happy to join Notwane and in return we got two quality players from Notwane,” pointed Gobuiwang.

Mapalastina have secured the services of Agisanyang ‘Stereo’ Ramaabya and midfielder-cum-striker Tebogo Sembowa from Notwane. The two players have already started training with the league champions. Another player who has arrived at Rollers is Zambian defender Lighton Kasalota.
“We’ll continue beefing up the team where there is need,” he concluded.


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