Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Rugby aggressive with philanthropic spirit

The Botswana Rugby Union (BRU), in conjunction with Furnmart, has shown their philanthropic spirit towards AIDS orphans in Old Naledi.

At the event, held at Old Naledi, about 400 AIDS orphans were fed. The BRU received hampers from Choppies and Tswana Pride to help in the catering for the kids.

National team players were in their usual element, helping with the catering and also playing rugby related games with the orphans.

Said one of the orphans, “Before today, I did not know that Rugby was so interesting. I have always followed football. I know I am not a good footballer, maybe I should start learning the rugby rules so that I can play it.”

Most of the kids enjoyed playing around with the rugby players so much that they did not want the small games to end.

One of them added after the games, “I have always believed that rugby is for violent people because of the way I saw players pushing each other in a rough manner. Sometimes we argue that rugby and wrestling are not real games. Now I have seen that rugby is real and the people who play it can be so loving as shown by their care for us today. I hope they do this every year.”

The Vultures and Furnmart also lent some helping hand to Princess Marina Hospital where they dealt with Medical, Orthopedic and Surgical wards.

Gareth Gilbert of BRU said that it was a token by his association to give something back to the public.
“We must be seen to be supporting the people who need our help. We cannot afford to sit back because the League season is over,” he said.

The event was staged after the winding up of the St Louis Rugby League season, which ended with a nail-biting encounter between BDF Cheetahs and Gaborone Hogs in Jwaneng. Cheetahs won the finals 14-6.

The Rugby League season will only resume next year.


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