Friday, July 12, 2024

Russia supplies illegal arms and ammunition to poachers.

A Motswana national is alleged to be at the centre of police investigations after a good number of ammunition was found hidden in his vehicle on his way to Pretoria.

Information received by Sunday Standard suggests that Russian fugitives are conniving with both Botswana and South African citizens in illegal pouching activities in Mozambique.

It is understood that huge amounts of arms and ammunition are being illegally smuggled into Botswana by private airlines and that after consignments arrive in Botswana from Russia, they are then transported by road to South Africa and then to Mozambique.

A Motswana national was reportedly arrested by the South African police on his way to Pretoria with part of the consignment.

The South Africa police have not yet established which private airline is involved.

In a telephone interview with Sunday Standard, the Communications Officer of the South African Police Service Superintendent, Lesego Metsi, of Nietvrdiend police station in the North West Province, said a Motswana national will appear in Lehurutsi magistrate court on the 11th of March this year in regards to possession of ammunitions.
He said the suspect, Gakani Magandai, 52, of Mosojane Village in the North East district was arrested on the 16th of October last year on his way to Pretoria, adding that about 60 live rounds were found hidden under the spare wheel storage in the vehicle that he was driving.

He added that the suspect has since been given bail of R 3 000.

Police strongly suspect that the ammunition was to be used in the illegal pouching of elephants in Mozambique where pouching is said to be high.

“I believe that our investigators will crack the case,” said Metsi.


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