Monday, July 4, 2022

Rwanda accuses SADC of giving safe haven to genocide suspects

The Rwandan government has lashed out at the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) saying that it is not cooperating in apprehending genocide suspects who are apparently hiding in the SADC region.

Speaking to The Telegraph in Kigali, the Deputy Prosecutor General, Hitayarenye Alphonse, said his government has appealed to SADC several times, asking them to assist in apprehending alleged genocide suspects who are still hiding in the SADC region.

He said, so far, they have identified about four SADC countries, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, where he claimed genocide suspects are still hiding.

He mentioned one particular incident in which they informed the Malawian government about a certain genocide suspect who was hiding in Malawi but, to their surprise, the suspect was arrested and later released from custody without any convincing grounds, “which made us wonder about the quick release”.

He said Rwanda long sent warrants of arrests of the suspects through Interpol but nothing came of it.

Alphonse said Botswana is apparently being used as a transit route but that does not mean that the suspects are hiding in Botswana.

He said investigations are still on to trace the whereabouts of other genocide suspects who could be hiding elsewhere.

He lashed out at African countries, saying that they have failed Rwanda by not being forthcoming in the arrests of suspects hiding in their countries.

“European countries are the ones who are fully assisting us with the whereabouts of genocide suspects and a good number of suspects have been extradited to be tried for crimes they committed in Rwanda during the genocides,” he said.

Alphonse said his government will use every international forum to appeal to African countries to arrest genocide suspects who are still at large all over the world.

He said he is optimistic that the suspects will be arrested in time.


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