Monday, April 19, 2021

SA magistrate postpones Rabana extradition hearing again

A case in which the government of Botswana wants the former Botswana Housing Corporation Deputy General Manager, Gaarekwe Rabana, to be extradited from South Africa has again been postponed to November 7, 2007.
Rabana currently resides in South Africa to where he fled to avoid prosecution in Botswana on bribery charges.

Sources in the Directorate of Public Prosecutions say the case was postponed because the advocate representing Rabana told a Randburg Magistrate that he would not be available at any time before November.

Rabana is alleged to have received, for himself and family, bribes in the form of air tickets and hotel accommodation in the United States from Wade Adams Construction Company in order for him to show consideration in the award of tender for the construction of BHC houses in Gaborone’s Block 5.

Witnesses who gave evidence in Court before Rabana fled told the Court that the tender for Block 5 houses was awarded unprocedurally and that the senior members of the Corporation were not allowed to attend the proceedings of the tender award.

Besides that, they alleged that sub-standard materials were used for the construction. Former Gaborone Chief Magistrate, Leonard Sechele, presided over the matter whilst current DPP Director, Leatile Dambe, presided and Abel Modimo appeared for the defence.
In another extradition case, efforts by the Botswana government to have Benson Keganne, a Botswana citizen, and Kagiso Sibi, a South African citizen, extradited from South Africa to stand trial for the murder of a Motswana continue in South Africa.
The two suspects are reported to have murdered Gloria Mahowe.

After the alleged murder, they were arrested then a diplomatic row erupted between Botswana and South Africa when the latter claimed that the two suspects had been taken from South Africa without following proper diplomatic channels.
Early this year, the Botswana government handed them back to South Africa in order to follow proper diplomatic channels.

Botswana had initially claimed that they were arrested in Botswana and not South Africa.

There is concern that they might not be extradited to Botswana for fear that, if found guilty, they might be sentenced to death. South Africa long abolished the death sentence and is reluctant to extradite their citizens who are facing serious crimes, such as murder, in countries that still practise the death penalty.


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