Tuesday, May 21, 2024

SA Minister laughs at BTV

South Africa’s Minister of Sport, Fikile Mbalula couldn’t contain his laughter when he learnt that Botswana’s national television station, BTV, had wrongly used his name and designation to caption a white male United Nations representative. BTV was the butt of jokes amongst Mbalula’s 144 504 Twitter followers after he shared the picture on social media with a laughter caption (Hahahahahahaha).

A certain Chris Mashupye had tagged Mbalula in the photo through Twitter with a caption “Botswana TV thinks this is Fikile Mbalula”. Some of Mbalula’s followers made fun of him by asking if he has now become a white man or if he drank bleach. Others ridiculed BTV for giving Mbalula a ‘makeover’. One follower teased the Minister with a question, “Eish…Minister.

You look pale. Need a doctor?” This is not the first time BTV mixed people’s names in their captions. Sometime last year, BTV beamed images of Japanese Ambassador and captioned him as “Peter Siile, Minister of Local Government.”┬á


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