Monday, July 4, 2022

SADC failed us dismally-BDP Youth wing

The Botswana Democratic Party National Youth Executive Committee Thursday hurled a tirade of attacks at the Southern Africa Development Community, SADC, accusing the organization of failing to resolve Zimbabwean quagmire.

Zimbabwe, once the region’s food basket at independence, is buckling under an economic meltdown never seen in a country outside war. Scores of its inhabitants flee the country into neighbouring countries, especially Botswana and South Africa, in search of greener pastures amid the fluid power-sharing deal negotiated and brokered by SADC and signed last September.

Speaking at a press conference BDP Youth wing’s president, Kenaleone Motsaathebe said, “we support our government’s position on Zimbabwe, and condemn SADC’s inefficiency in protecting the people of Zimbabwe from the tyrannical regime. We call upon SADC to become sterner if it is to justify its relevance in world politics. It has failed us dismally,” maintained Motsaathebe.

He tarred the African Union with the same brush, slamming the organization’s inaction despite overwhelming evidence that Zimbabwe is in dire need of humanitarian aid.

“The Zimbabwe problem is more than a political problem. It is a humanitarian issue, which calls for concerted efforts. Lack of a united voice purely exacerbates the Zimbabwe problems. The African Union is not sparred from this disturbing calamity.”

The Youth wing president is worried that the ordinary Zimbabweans are the victims whilst the culprits live in comfort.

He said the “government spends huge resources to cater for troubled illegal Zimbabweans, even transporting them to their unsteady country,” and urged the world to intervene to help resuscitate Zimbabwe.

Turning to local issues, the outspoken Motsaathebe was ambiguous on the election of the central committee as stipulated in the party constitution.
“We are of the opinion that the election of the central committee should go ahead as traditionally stipulated by the party’s constitution and would make our position known. We believe in a fresh mandate. However, if, at the national congress, the party decides otherwise we would abide by such decision,” he revealed.

The question whether or not to hold the election of the central committee ahead of the national elections has, of late, dominated the local headlines with party leaders disagreeing on the issue.
Some fear that the party would come out of the elections more polarized ahead of the crucial general elections – an ugly scenario that could see president Khama’s dream of usurping all the opposition-held parliamentary seats dashed.

BDP secretary general Jacob Nkate, with a considerable number of supporters, is believed to be against the election while the local media puts the chairman, Daniel Kwelagobe, and his group in farvour of the elections.


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