Saturday, December 9, 2023

SAFDICO CEO praises the private sector

There should be chance for taking stock of achievements and opportunities in Botswana, which demonstrates collaboration between the government and private sectors to transform the country.

This was said by the Chief Executive Officer OF SAFDICO Botswana and Diamond Technology Park (DTP), Rutang Moses, addressing the Batswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM) 24th Secretaries Convention in Gaborone.

SAFDICO CEO observed that BOCCIM, since its inception, has successfully represented employers in all sectors of the Botswana economy such as initiating the debate on the need for “A Long-Term Vision for Botswana” and establishing the High Level Consultative Council (HLCC), chaired by the State President and it coordinates all matters of economic development.

She pointed out that through the achievements BOCCIM has contributed immensely to the economic growth of Botswana.

“BOCCIM alone cannot achieve these successes without organizations playing a major partnership role in leveraging these opportunities through developing and implementing business strategies that promote business growth,” said Moses.

┬áShe stated that strategies should include setting out an approach to human resource development as one key of “business essentials”. ┬á

Moses also pointed out that the convention is another initiative by BOCCIM to complement efforts by employers to develop human resource and support the National Human Resource Development Strategy, which aims at ensuring that “by 2022 it will be universally accepted that the quality, productivity and motivation of its people will be Botswana’s single greatest and valuable resource”.

“This is an opportunity to learn different skills on how to be effective in your roles and contribute to the growth of your organizations. As well as interact and forge relationships with other participants,” she stated.

Moses also emphasized that at Safdico, they believe that the human resource base should be skilled, highly trained and capacitated. She added that employees need the tools to be effective and contribute to the individual companies.

“These tools need to be complemented by you taking pride in your jobs, your drive, motivation and passion to do more,” she said.

BOCCIM Chief Executive Officer, Maria Machailo-Ellis, said that the BOCCIM Secretaries convention was initiated in 1989 and added that since then they have seen the event grow, both in popularity and objectives.  She stated that the objective of the convention was to give participants the opportunity to learn more relevant skills; strategies for success and new ideas which will allow them to achieve new heights at their respective work-place.

“This objective is even more relevant today as business climate and technology changed significantly from the time we initiated this convention,” said Machailo-Ellis.


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