Saturday, December 9, 2023

Safdico opens state of the art diamond cutting factory in Botswana

South African Diamond Corporation (Safdico), South Africa’s leading diamond manufacturing and trading company, has expanded its footprint into Botswana by opening a new generation diamond cutting facility in Gaborone.

This facility is situated at a campus designed as the central hub for the burgeoning diamond cutting industry in Botswana, dubbed Diamond Technology Park (DTP). DTP is expected to place Botswana at the top of the diamond technology curve in keeping with the Botswana government’s vision for the establishment of a downstream diamond industry.

The company said last week that the Botswana government has fully supported Safdico’s business plan for cutting and polishing stones larger than 2 carats in Gaborone. The company, which has set unsurpassed standards of innovation, craftsmanship and professionalism throughout the diamond industry, has been polishing diamonds in Africa for over 46 years and has gained the experience necessary for optimizing the Botswana Business Model.

The Chief Executive Officer of Safdico, Brian Gutkin, said that they had the once in a lifetime privilege of starting with a blank page, which gave them the opportunity of creating a facility that is viable and sustainable in Africa.
This company, whose continued success is based on a thorough understanding of the business combined with exceptional manufacturing brilliance, is designed to produce high value diamonds using state of the art technology and skills, and will ultimately employ 100 people.

“The cutting and polishing process only tells half the story. No less important are the planning, design and decision making which require the highest level of talent and innovation. Safdico will be investing heavily in this aspect of its business,” Gutkin said.

The architectural theme of Safdico’s building suggests diamond facets emerging from course, rough base materials. Its reflective wall surface emulates the process of creating polished from rough. The tranquility, space and light create a working environment conducive to maximizing the value of every stone.

This company which is the manufacturing arm of the Graff Diamond is currently polishing the world’s 15th biggest diamond found this century, the 603 carat ‘Lesotho Promise’. “There is no reason why a stone of this value and size cannot be cut in Botswana within the next few years,” added Gutkin.

Currently, Safdico is contributing to the development of DTP, and has promised to train and educate Batswana in the entire diamond cutting and polishing process. Worldwide, this company is known for its desirable, impeccable make and the greatest diamond brand on earth.


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