Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Saleshando accuses Khama for lack of imagination

Leader of Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Dumelang Saleshando has dismissed the government of Ian Khama for failing to economically empower a manageable population yet having the propensity to spend big on the president’s security.

“Small populations like ours in countries like South Africa are efficiently run by mayors. Here the money that should be channelled to empower Batswana is used to purchase such things as the President’s caravan, refurbishing of the State House, Presidential jet and construction of the military barracks, which were not budgeted for,” the BCP president said.

Saleshando kick-started his countrywide tour with a visit to the villages of Otse, Mogobane and Ramotswa in the South East South constituency over the weekend before he rounded up his tour with a rally at Mokgosi freedom square.

At the rally, Saleshando lectured to “Kgololo” followers that Khama’s ascendency to the presidency, “because he has striking resemblance to his father and nothing else” is the biggest mistake the ruling party has made.

Saleshando told his audience that Khama’s blind followers have never at any stage quoted him on words of wisdom instead they praise him through inanities. “Outlwa gotwe┬áijoo motho yo o tshwana le rragwe jang. Motho batho!!,” (Oh the President looks like his father!!) the BCP president said.

Saleshando, who is also Member of Parliament for Gaborone Central, said Khama does not know how Batswana live and does not understand their pressing needs because he has lived in the lap of luxury for his entire life. “This is why he is always sitting around fires with the elderly” he supported his claim.

“Khama does not know the difference between governance and a military camp. Botswana is the only country where a president has military barracks at his official residence.”

On the current examinations impasse, Saleshando said Khama cares less about matters of education because like his vice president the former failed their form five examinations and think everybody else will make it to where they are.

The BCP president added it was worrying that the Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) year after year results show a decline in the A pass mark and an increase in the D mark from primary to secondary education. He promised that under the BCP government, the quality of education for citizens will be accorded the utmost priority it deserves.

“Progressive countries have the youth in leadership positions owing to the quality of education given to the citizenry. The BCP government will ensure that our children are taught beginning at primary school by teachers who have first degrees in education,” said Saleshando.

The BCP leader promised that if his party is given the mandate to rule, the social grant for senior citizens will be P750 per month. Further he said under his government, citizens fully participate in the running of the economy.

“Under the BDP government, citizens are spectators as the economy is run by the Chinese who control almost every sector in the construction industry,” Saleshando said.


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