Sunday, January 29, 2023

Saleshando welcomes BMD, attacks Khama

The President of the Botswana Congress Party, Gilson Saleshando, on Thursday told a political rally he addressed at the Gaborone Bus Rank that all the former members of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, who have formed the Botswana Movement for Democracy, need to be saluted for their brave act of having regained their senses and realised that they were led by a dictator and do not want that any more.

”What these ladies and gentlemen have done is a very brave act and we need to salute them for that,” he said.

Their act, he said, has left the President of this country, Ian Khama, panicking and paranoid, adding that this was made clear at a rally Khama addressed in Francistown recently when he bragged that their resignation meant little to the party or to himself, adding that they should remember that he was both the president of this country, the BDP and the Paramount Chief of Bangwato.
Saleshando also condemned all those who were involved in Khama’s ascendancy to Presidency of this country, whilst he still retains the title of Paramount Chief of the Bangwato, adding that they were “criminals” in that they allowed that to happen.

Saleshando said that, in the past under similar circumstances, the late former Paramount Chief of Bangwaketsi , Bathoeng Gaseitsewe, left the Chieftainship to become a politician.(Seretse Khama did likewise). The BCP leader also said that it was now time for them to join the opposition forces that want to unseat the ruling party that has misruled Botswana for such a long time.
That the BDP has misruled Botswana since independence, he said, was evident from many things, including the education system, which he said is lacking.

Saleshando said the ruling party has failed to understand the needs of Batswana in all the years it has been ruling in that it had failed to provide them with opportunities that they can use to improve their standard of life, but instead promoted projects like Ipelegeng, which do not add value to the life standards of Batswana.

He also said that the Khama administration has taken over the Information Department in order to control what goes into the government media and to make sure that the government media follows him in his “useless errands“ of sitting around fire places even in summer.

In so doing, Saleshando said, the government media fails to cover important events and to inform Batswana on important events, such as the merging of his party and the now defunct Botswana Alliance Movement recently.

On other issues, Saleshando said that Batswana deserves to be told the truth about the death of the former Managing Director of Debswana, Louis Nchindo, saying that the current explanation that he was killed by wild animals, which also allegedly took away his head, did not hold water. According to him, that is so because of all the wild animals that eat meat, he has not heard of any that would eat a person’s head after killing him.

For his part, the BCP Elections Director, Phillip Manowe, accused Khama of being a hypocrite in that he has been bragging about having suspended one member of the newly formed party when he heard that he was being investigated for corruption whilst his cousin, Minister of Justice, Defence and Security, Ramadeluka Seretse, is acting corruptly by tendering in the Department of a Ministry he is heading and nothing is being done to him.

Manowe also said that it is childish for Seretse to say that it was his son and wife who were tendering and not him, saying that they were all but one person.


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