Thursday, June 30, 2022

SANITAS: The Garden of Delight

Sanitas Nursery and Tea Garden is a hidden green paradise, situated in the midst of the noisy life of Gaborone.

Sanitas has been the best stress relieving weekend time out location for most people during the past several years. Perhaps it comes naturally as an instinct but if at all you are enthusiastic, have a deep desire or simply passionate about your love for gardening, this man-made botanical garden will undoubtedly give you an inspirational clout, just as soon as you disembark off the driveway and walk underneath the admirable beautiful shades of tall, well established rubber plants, entering further in to a welcoming, fresh atmosphere of appealing natural beauty.

As a commercial entity, this gracious garden of simplicity has a fresh flower shop, which sparks off a lovely scent upon arrival, like freshly pressed flowers or drips of scented oil.

Nonetheless, it offers a wide range of exotic and exquisite flowers like your classical bunch of roses to wreaths and indigenous in-house plants, such as dwarfed cactus plants in one creatively designed corner, including a variety of clay pots, bird baths and feature fountains to choose from.

They also offer the latest garden tools like fine trimmers and pruners for those with proactive green fingers, not forgetting to mention the availability of almost all fresh fruits and vegetables which are in season at the moment.

Sanitas showcases a literally unique and true example of dedication, hard work, intense amounts of labour and determination, which is showcased on the actual horticultural energy that surrounds this precious, lawn-less, beautifully built bird friendly garden. Well contained in this natural, open spaced green paradise is a splendid view of a massive collection of lovely, brown clay pots that are shaped in different sizes, textures, colours, including oriental plants of plush texture, different forms of leafs, and wealth of colour with shades ranging from red to purple, white, green, red, orange, yellow and blue, displayed neatly along the paved surroundings and smoothly curved kerfs of this mysterious, magical and impressive garden.

As you move along, the garden of delight offers an extensive range of indigenous plants, flowers and, if you listen carefully, which you are bound to do, since you are in a quiet surrounding you can hear the soothing presence of water, calmly trickling down wonderfully built fountains and features in all corners like a chill going down your spine, giving this mysterious atmosphere a touch of life.

A lot of attention must be paid to the clear distinction between the mumbling gardeners and intermingling garden enthusiasts but fundamentally, the magical sounds and striking communication between the flowing water, chirping birds, daisies and blooming marigolds which reward you with a natural sense of being and soul satisfaction as you take a wide glance at the wood barks, polished stones and neatly clipped topiaries.

During my visit to Sanitas, I spoke to an acquaintance, Lame, a garden enthusiast, first time homeowner and local bank teller who lamented she had come to buy some plants for her home garden, which is small and still at a very early stage of development because of her demanding occupation and time constraints.

“I enjoy coming here with my retired mum during weekends, more especially on Saturdays, sometimes we leave here in the late afternoon after catching up with my mom who enjoys the atmosphere and green trees,” she said.

As you venture deeper down this realistic mirage of plant paradise, there is a Tea Garden restaurant beneath a cool, breezy Gazebo that is similar to a tropical island bar, creatively hidden amongst tall palm trees. Upon seating, guests are treated to a complimentary free glass of thirst quenching lemon juice with ice. The restaurant serves a variety of freshly picked salads as starters, to a scrumptious sizzling steak and chips as a main course, not forgetting their wide range of ice-creams or tasty smoothies for desert. Children can interact with each other at the jungle gyms situated with eco-friendly ablution blocks at the back giving every one something fun to look forward to and a good time out of the house for the whole family.


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