Wednesday, May 12, 2021

SCBB pledges better service delivery

Standard Chartered Bank of Botswana leapt to the challenge last week as it promised its potential customers a speedy and better service delivery or cash if it fails to meet the challenge.
Pierrie Mourier, head of consumer banking, said the new development is part of a long haul campaign triggered by its campaign slogan, ‘Watch the space”, that started last year.
“The decision was taken after a major process review and comes at a time when we have introduced a system which is believed to be the leading edge in the banking system,” he said.

Under the service product, the bank has committed itself to delivering on opening an account, processing debt cards and owned personalized cheque books within a period of 30 minutes or the customer claims P10 every minute if it fails to do so within the stipulated time.

“It used to take up to 7 days and some time even longer to do that,” Mourie said, adding that the service is extended to almost all accounts at all Standard Chartered branches across the country.

“For the moment, the instant account opening applies to ordinary savings and current accounts. Targeted products, such as Peo and Diva, are not yet offered in 30 minutes,” he added.
“This should be viewed as part of the journey to improve our service,” Standard Chartered Managing Director, David Cuttings, added.

According to the statement the bank has simplified the account opening forms and reduced the number of documentation.
“The debit card production is automatic and immediate and clients do not have to apply separately. The card’s lifespan is 10 years and the bank’s system will trigger the production of the new card one month before the expiry.


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