Thursday, February 29, 2024

Sebego Attorneys becomes first legal firm to get BOBS certification


Sebego Attorneys made a historic move in the country’s legal fraternity by being the first law firm to attain Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) certificate known as BOS ISO 9001:2015.

The certificate is a quality management system which underpins Sebego Attorneys’s commitment to provide a comprehensive range of quality legal services to its clients.

The principal partner at the law firm, Tebogo Sebego said the ambition of attaining the certificate was worth perusing to improve on the operations and services the firm provides.

“Since attaining the certificate we have changed a great deal in doing our operations because we the firm and the employees had to meet the set standard set by BOS. During the process towards attaining the certificate we had to go through rigorous audit which has exposed shortcomings in our operations” explained Sebego. The turnover has improved “explained Sebego.

“Accountability is key and prime. After introducing the system we have better turnover. The last months since the firm standardized we had better returns. We can’t complain” Sebego appreciated the returns.

BOBS managing Director, Masego Marobela said it is inspiring to have the first law firm to have archived BOBS ISO 9001 of 2015, Quality Management Systems of Certificate an organization that offers range of legal services. “certification is a deliberate and strategic process that can help an organization to foster and improve  its overall performance, meet and in certain instances exceed its customer’s expectations, requirements and needs” Marobela.

She said the move underpins Sebego’s law firm commitment to provide a comprehensive range of quality legal services. Marobela explained the move they firm has taken will also aid Sebego’s Attorneys to determine factors that could cause its processes and quality management system to deviate from planned results and help device preventive measures to curb or minimise potential risks within the law firm.

Sebego approached Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) in 2015 to assist them in the process towards attaining BOS standardization. LEA official, Oreneile Padipadi, observed that standardization means they have to provide quality service that is consistent to all clients. He implored the law firm and its employees to continue pioneer in providing standardized services and continue offering good service.

“New and upcoming law firms that want to standardize will be coming to you for wisdom and guidance” Padipadi.

Sebego Attorneys was established in 2001 and has been in practice for the past 18 years.


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