Thursday, January 21, 2021

Security companies not competetive enough, Francistown Mayor

The Mayor of the city of Francistown, Billy Buti, has urged security companies to transform from being bo-machingilani type of security to professional world class security, ready to compete at global level.
Buti said this when he was marking the launching of security equipment by Redguards Security company in Francistown on Thursday.

“We have been too theoretical about global competitiveness’ and I think it is high time we get there in a market place to prove ourselves. It is important to note that criminal syndicates always plan beyond technology and some of them have been involved in designing these gadgets. It is the nature of life; we need to move together,” said the mayor.

He regarded the launch of the state of the art electronic security equipment as marking one of the most historic events in the City of Francistown as it was the first of its kind.

He also acknowledged the fact that crime occurs in all sectors of the economy, from pick-pocketing to multimillion pula crimes. Crime takes different forms, such as family fights, passion killings, and high-jacking aircraft, planting viruses on the internet and bombing of ATMs.

“It is unfortunate that crime cannot be completely eradicated but can be deterred and reduced, provided there is co-operation between stakeholders, i.e. workplace environment, employees, ordinary citizens walking in the street, police and, more importantly, security companies, who manufacture and distribute security gadgets, installers and monitors,” said Buti.

He commended Redguards for launching unique products and services, well tailored to meet the security requirements of individuals, private businesses, and large organizations.


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