Monday, July 15, 2024

Selling and reviving the culture of reading to Batswana

Long before televisions, radios and computers came into existence, reading had been there and it has been an appreciated activity worldwide, educating, keeping people informed and was also used as a form of leisure.

Most people would agree that at some point in life they had a task to read something, be it written on a piece of paper, walls or stones.

It is sad that the passion of reading seems to be gradually dying with time.

Susan Bulawa of Francistown is an entrepreneur who has found a niche for herself in the market to try and revive the passion of reading by establishing a book shop in the city center.

It is called Delsue Investment, and is situated at Barclays Plaza Shopping complex.

Although she is still not yet famous, she is slowly making a mark for herself for readers in Francistown as she supplies various schools with books, individuals and even some companies.

She says that her journey began with her passion for reading which prompted her to start a book dealership company.

“Although Batswana are perceived to be a non-reading nation, I want to revive their passion for reading, especially the youths,” Bulawa said.

She revealed that she grew up with a passion for reading novels, especially world-acclaimed authors like Sidney Sheldon, and motivational books, among them some written by local estate magnate, David Magang, who wrote the book titled “The Magic Of Perseverance”.

Bulawa said that she worked for about 8 years in a bookshop and she felt the need to start her own business based on her experience with books.

“I worked in one of the leading bookshops in Botswana for a long time and I decided to open my own enterprise,” she said.

Bulawa stated that she financed her business and supplies clients at their request, including ordering books from all corners of the world. Although she started the business on her own, she said that business requires someone who is strong, determined and ready for challenges as it is not an easy road. She wants to encourage Batswana to revive the culture of reading as it keeps them informed of the world around them.

“Reading is my passion, and to all the parents out there I want to encourage them to motivate their children to read,” she said.

She said that she aspires to see herself opening other bookshops in different parts of Botswana and added that she dreams to see herself walking in the paths of huge book enterprises like CNA and Inclusive Books.

Bulawa stated that one of her achievements since the establishment of her business was when she scooped a first prize in her category at the BOCCIM Northern Trade Fair in Francistown last year.


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