Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Severe punishment for enticing the poor to commit crime

Francistown High Court judge, Moses Chinhengo, has expressed worry over culprits who use money to entice or bribe poor members of society into committing criminal activities, saying that there is need for the law to punish them severely.

Delivering judgment last week, in the case of Olivia Olebeletse Keboletse, a Serowe woman who was charged with attempted murder after hiring four men to kill his relatives in September 2006, Justice Chinhengo said that people like Keboletse do not deserve a place society and have to be punished accordingly.

“Such people are actually perpetrators of the offence; they distance themselves from criminal activities by using money in societies we live in where there are plenty of poor people. It is easy through enticement with money to make the poor commit offenses which later ruin their lives,” the Judge said.

According to the charges, the accused hired Keboikantse Dikgakgamatso, a Motswana, and three Zimbabwean nationals, Godwin Mapwashike, Collen Constan Nyandoro and Kudzayi Mapwashike to kill her three relatives over financial benefits but the plan failed. She was later arrested together with the hired men.

The judge warned that if such habits are allowed, poor people are going to continue to suffer the wrath of the law. He attacked such culprits as schemers and cheats who are taking advantage of the poor to commit crimes.

Keboletse was found guilty on the three counts of attempted murder and she was sentenced to ten years imprisonment.


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