Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sharp knives out for Molefhe

Well sharpened daggers are seriously out to oust the chairperson of the Botswana Premier League, Mokganedi Mike Molefhe.

Information reaching Sunday Standard is that certain individuals with the football fraternity of Botswana want Molefhe out because he is their stumbling block to advance their interests within football.

Concerned individuals are also reported to be having a grand plan of running the football fraternity in Botswana and one of the first causalities is Molefhe. Those who want him out are reported to have campaigned hard to have him replaced last weekend.

The voting could not go on because teams’ chairpersons were not happy at the late delivery of the audited financial reports and lack of minutes from last assembly.

However, the next assembly is next weekend where a lot will be at stake. When Sunday Standard approached Molefhe, he confirmed the developments adding that local football is normally full of petty talks ahead of the general assembly where elections are held.

Molefhe, however, added that those who want to see him out should come out into the open, adding that he is serving the interests of football not of the individuals.

“People should put their individual interests aside and look for a common goal of developing football. But what we are seeing in this country is the opposite. When I was elected into this position, my main aim was to have a friendly environment for sponsorships and that has been achieved. I am not saying people should not challenge me for a position but that should be done with good motives,” he said.

Molefhe also added that before he assumed the reigns, there were problems with the ticketing systems of the Premier teams but now things have improved.

He also added that if it happens that he is voted out of the position he would gladly leave because he has already made his mark.

“What I want to see happening is to have all of us who are serving in the current committee be retained. If they decide otherwise then let it be, and I would channel a lot of my energy towards my team, Uniao Flamengo Santos. Also bear in mind that Santos has contributed significantly for football development in Botswana,” he said.

Local football has been of late been embroiled in in-fights raising fears that the long standing factions would rear their ugly heads. Before yesterdays general assembly meeting there were even reports that certain football individuals plotted a coup against the current Botswana Football Association leadership. Certain members are alleged to have been campaigning in some regions that in turn alerted the BFA. The BFA responded by writing a press release notifying the football fraternity not to press panic buttons.


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