Monday, December 11, 2023

Shrenuj modernizes diamond cutting in Botswana

Shrenuj, an integrated gem and jewellery outfit, said Friday that it is bullish that diamond prices will remain high in the medium term as it announced the introduction of a cutting-edge technology to its Botswana operations.

Shrenuj Botswana has introduced Galaxy 1000ÔÇöa revolutionary diamond scanning machine — aimed at bridging the technology gap between them and other operations.

The company deals with the various activities in the diamond downstream, from diamond processing up to branding and retail operations in 15 countries around the world.

Shreyas Doshi, Chairman and Managing Director, praised the landmark move saying, “Planning is the most skills-intensive process in diamond manufacturing. By introducing Galaxy, we are reinforcing our commitment to the beneficiation of our local workforce.”

“Galaxy will improve both the productivity and accuracy of the planning and preparation processes and this enhanced capacity at the leading end of production will create further employment opportunities for Batswana citizens. The trainees in planning will be exposed to the latest technology, which will accelerate the skills transfer and thus reduce dependency on external support.”

Explaining the technology, David Block, of Sarin Technology, stated, “The Galaxy provides diamond manufacturers with technology to accurately, quickly, and automatically detect and map inclusions in a rough diamond regardless of their type, size, and location and without the need for preprocessing (“opening windows”).

“Together with Sarin’s Advisor rough planning software, the new Galaxy 1000 Scanner provides the perfect tool for diamond rough planning by expediting the inclusion mapping process. We are proud to be associated with Shrenuj Botswana as the pioneer in bringing this state of the art equipment to this wonderful country.”

Sarin has confirmed that this agreement with Shrenuj Botswana has resulted in the first Galaxy 1000 being shipped to Botswana.

Martin Pearson, MD of Shrenuj’s South African operations, commented, “Long term rough diamond prices are expected to remain high and we know this technology can assist us in extracting the maximum value from a stone, resulting in cost efficiencies that will provide a sustainable long term future for our employees in Botswana. We are grateful for the continued support of all stakeholders, notably the Diamond Hub, DTC Botswana and our employees; the introduction of Galaxy is further evidence of our commitment to meeting their objectives and expectations.”


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