Wednesday, June 12, 2024

So there is a South African virus, but not China virus?

It is an acceptable practice to call a virus by the name of the country, region or place where it came. So by that practice, we have the Spanish flu, Hong Kong flu –sometimes called Mao Tse-tung flu, Asian flu and Ebola. However China being the repressive country that it is, clamped down on those who dared to call the corona virus after Beijing or Wuhan.  Any such attempts have now been reduced to murmurings and hushed tones. And in what must turn out to be the most bizarre development, former United States President Donald Trump’s   critics mocked him and chose instead, to stand in China’s corner and absolved the latter of any wrong doing.

Any suggestions of China’s culpability in giving the world a virus that has now ravaged lives and livelihoods, are branded as racism or stereotyping of Chinese people.  So we now have an interesting situation where many world leaders around the world bar China itself, have taken a beating for the virus fallout. China on the hand is sitting out there pretty and smelling of roses when they are not busy ensnaring Africa with the so called Belt and Road initiative. They could not be bothered to allow a truly independent investigation into how Wuhan initially handled the outbreak.

Such is proof of the industrial scale with which China has ensnared the world; it has practically bought off Africa and a bunch of other third world countries around the world. The World Health Organisation and its Director General are but propaganda arms of Beijing. In fact most UN agencies are and so all the talk of multilateralism is a just a fraud. It is, if you like, a foil against proponents of liberty and freedom.

For reasons only best known to its foreign supporters, China became a victim of a racist president (read Trump), and true to form, the virus was successfully weaponised for political gain by the US Democrats. Across the world too,   it was a stick with which to beat up Trump. As a defender of free speech I must hasten to add that I have absolutely no qualms with people tearing up the former president Trump in whatever way they choose.

I find it rich that while the WHO was unsurprisingly quick to do its master’s bidding and banned the China virus moniker, it has allowed the world to talk freely of a South African variant.  Why is it kosher to name a virus after South Africa but not Wuhan? Isn’t that the very racism that the globalists tell us they are morally opposed to?   This is the height of the double standard and if we keep mum, freedom and liberty die.

Even if we are not all politically active, we instinctively love the freedom and rights which have been bequeathed to us by God and not man. We don’t want Chinese/Russia style liberties whereby Jack Ma’s or Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s liberties are contingent upon the degree to which they have to cozy up to the state. In this countries, if you decide to become your own man, the tap of freedom and liberty is automatically   switched off and you face trumped charges.   

It is people that make a nation great. As a small state, we are now tragically at a point where the virus is taking the lives of people we know personally.  They include fine academics and self-made entrepreneurs. We are left poorer, because the skills that the economy is losing as a result of their demise, are not easy to replicate.   

 Some of them lived honourable lives and could not therefore be accused of recklessness. Their only sin is that they had underlying conditions at the time of attack. We honour their memories well if we choose the side of freedoms and not cheap vaccine gifts. We have a duty to pursue the truth about how the virus started and how future ones can be headed off.


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