Monday, June 24, 2024

Solving The Enigma that is the female Rapper

The lack of female emcees is something that is on the lips of many here in Botswana; the Nicki Minaj phase is very much in full effect even in Botswana.

No need to look far, some girls today dress just like the rap star and change their accents to fit into what is considered the ‘in’ thing.

However, female emcee Enigma feels girls need to rise up beyond the sex image of female rappers and show their skill.

Enigma is not like your everyday female rapper who wants to flaunt what she has. She is a different kind of emcee all together.

She prides herself on being different and not necessarily using her assets to sell. She relies on her creativity and her lyrics to be able to appeal to her audience but she does admit she is as diverse as they come.

According to Enigma, the problem is girls are too quick to give up their dignity to males in the music industry in exchange for them progressing in their music career.
She says the industry is difficult in Botswana, especially for a female emcee; it’s almost as if the odds are stacked against them due to fans’ preconceived ideas.

“Women are viewed as unreliable; we are moody, and we are a risk. There are not a lot of women in Hip Hop because it’s a grimy hard art,” she said.

Enigma, whose real name is Lebo Tsiako, is a student at the University of Botswana and recently opened the Scar vs. Zeus battle show.

She also finished in the Top ten of the Hub Music Series.

Enigma feels that the need for females to get themselves out there is greater than ever as the rap industry doesn’t seem to be recognizing them as artists but more as sex objects.
“You get artists calling you for a collaboration but when you get there, there is another agenda,” she said.

Enigma also described the troubles she is going through as a solo female rap artist and says she hopes to be the first ever female emcee to have a solo album.
“I pay for my own studio time; I have never gotten any payment for any of the show I have been in. I’m working on my album and I’m going to drop it this year,” she added.
Miss Andy is also one female emcee who has grown to be a force as she made it to the final three of the Hub Music Series but there are very few of them among the swam of male emcees out there.


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