Saturday, March 25, 2023

Sophie Lalonde Art opens Bare, an exhibition by a quartet of local artists

The Sophie Lalonde Art gallery at the CBD launched Bare, a June-July exhibition by four local artists this past Thursday (June 4). The exhibition features a combination of paintings, drawings and sculptures from Uhuru Kgope, Joost Van Hasselt, Ditshupo Mogapi,and wooden sculptures from Christian Ndudzo. The masterpieces on display are testament to the trio of Kgope, Hasselt, and Mogapi’s skills and ability to create magic with the brush.

The idea of transforming a simple block of wood into such expressive pieces of artwork is what sets Ndudzo apart from many. His collection is at the very least inspiring not just to an art consumer but also sculptors, novices and professionals. Like the rest of the works on display, Mogapi’s ‘Mama’s Kanga Wrap’ which depicts a beautiful woman looking up into the horizon with a kanga wrap hanging across her open arms, is definitely a collector’s item. “I’m in love with that woman,” I whispered to the beautiful lady standing next to me as I admired the magnificence of the piece hanging right in front of us and her response was priceless.

“That woman happens to be me.” And indeed it was. “He just called me over and asked me to pose like that,” she said. The pieces speak for themselves and the exhibition runs until July 9th.

Since opening its doors in 2014, the Sophie Lalonde Art gallery has offered a brand new dimension to the local visual arts enthusiasts. It has since exhibited a kaleidoscope of works from various local, regional and international artists.


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