Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Soul Sensation serenades at President Hotel

Mpho Sebina is arguably the originator of modern soul music in Gaborone. The genre of soul music is a form of self-expression used by artists to communicate their inner thoughts and emotions. It is a way of life for many passionate artists, an avenue through which they express feelings and communicate to the outside world.

Sebina is a very talented and passionate vocal artist. She said that her passion for music started in her early years, almost a decade ago. Recently, revellers gathered at President Hotel in the heart of Gaborone for an unforgettable night of soul music. Mpho Sebina sang the night away in what can perhaps be defined as a night of smooth serenading sounds.

For over a year Jazz exchange, brought to you by Rahman El- Kindy, has been giving local RnB, Jazz and soul musicians a platform and rare opportunity to share their music, to intimate audiences at the President Hotel. From the likes of Kearoma Rantao to Perfect Pitch, artists from all walks of music genres bring forth their music to the warm welcoming and friendly performance stage.

A description of Mpho Sebina’s music in simple terms is more of a fusion of soul, jazz, RnB and Afro pop. Her classic songs like “Black Butterfly”, “Souls are Searching” and “Loves Light” which were served to the audience in generous portions are some of the tracks that left the audience begging for more as they just couldn’t get enough of her. These three particularly catchy songs are singles to look out for from her highly anticipated upcoming debut album, ‘The Songstresses,’ which is slated to be released any time soon. Of late, Mpho Sebina has been currently working with renowned producers such as the likes of Favi, Grand Pa and B-note.

It was a night of smooth and mellow sounds which were harmoniously written and performed by the lady of soul herself and featured the groovy 3 piece band “Forbidden Fruit” (which consists mainly of her producers, Favi, B-Note and Leroy). Also featuring that night were Warona Solomon and Abby who presented beautifully written pieces of music that left the audiences tongues wagging and begging nonstop for more. “The response I got from when I was performing translated in to how much my hard work is finally paying off,” she concluded.


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