Thursday, June 13, 2024

South Africa launches mass mobilisation campaign for 2010

DURBAN:  South Africa on Monday launched the Domestic and Africa Mass Mobilisation programme that will beef up the multimillion marketing strategy launched last year by South African Tourism.

The programme will add to the already existing advertisements being shown on larger networks like CNN, but this time around it will focus on South Africans inviting the rest of the world to come and learn the vast cultural experiences.
“We want to build solidarity within the rest of Africa and we want the rest of the world to know that there is potential in Africa and the rest of the world to change attitude towards the continent,” explained Paul Bannister, acting CEO of International Marketing Council (IMC) of South Africa.

The campaign involves a 60-second advertisement that will be broadcast on television stations across the continent, including Btv and centres around the football (diski) moves and sends the message for the visitors to celebrate with Africa.

SA Tourism will spend P10 million on the Africa campaign for the brand and P30 million for the domestic market.
“We call (the campaign) a calling because we use the vuvuzela. It encourages people of Africa and South Africa to come and celebrate with us,” added Bannister.

About a million soccer fanatics are expected for the 2010 World Cup although most of them will end up at the fan parks because they cannot all go to the stadiums. At least 6 million people are expected to end up at the fan parks. There are only 3 million tickets available for the games.


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