Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Sparks expected to fly during CUCSA games

Botswana Tertiary Student Sports Association (BOTESSA) is confident that Team Botswana will win many medals during the nine SADC nations in the five days 19TH Confederation of Universities, Colleges in Southern Africa (CUCSA) Games.

Team Botswana is hosting the event which is scheduled for the 18th to the 22nd of June.

The Africans nations who have confirmed their  participation in the 2018 CUCSA are Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and the Kingdom of eSwatini.

It is understood that 198  athletes both males and females  will represent Botswana in  10  various sporting codes such as rugby, chess, soccer, netball, volleyball, Table tennis,tennis,darts,basketball,athletics  during the games.

In an interview, BOTESSA Public Relations Officer (PRO) Duncan Segabo he said he confident that team would do well as they have been training hard for the competition.Segabo added that the football team was offered a platform to play a friendly match with the under 17 Zebras and the Netball team was hosted by Police to help them prepare for the tournament number 3

“BOTESSA is ready and well prepared, our target is to win  six codes out of the 10 that we will participate in .We are very sure that  our teams will excel  especially looking at  Table Tennis, Tennis, Football and athletics .I have confidence that they will be strategic and dominate throughout the tournament because the BOTESSA  team comprises of  highly ranked athletes,” he said.

Some of the star athletes in Team Botswana include Boago Malobela and Oratile Kedisaletswe under Table Tennis, Malobela is ranked number 1 in the country and number 41 in Africa .amongst the rest we also have much faith in the 100m and 200m BOTESSA athletics Champ Thabiso Sekgopi.

Majority of the countries have fielded all the ball sport code which will make the tournament more competitive. The host Botswana is looking forward to improving their rankings and standard by winning the competition as they got position three during the previous CUCSA games that were held in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.


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