Monday, July 4, 2022

Special needs experts commend OLM mines

A delegation of special education experts from the Ministry of Education and Skills Development recently commended Orapa Letlhakane and Damtshaa (OLM) mines for the quality of education provided in their company-owned primary schools.

The team announced that Debswana’s education system emulated a strong element of social responsibility, and expressed hope that other privately-owned organisations that run educational institutions would imitate the diamond moguls.

The delegation, which consisted of the principal education officer in the Ministry of Education and Skills Development, Division of Special Education, Victoria Ramaribana, was said to be undertaking assessments of children with special needs in the Boteti region.

The commendation was made after the Officer and her team of experts were given a class to assess special needs children from across the entire Boteti region, including those in Bathoen I House, Livingstone house and Boteti House, the three company owned primary schools in Orapa. It is said that these 3 schools produce among the best results in the country. However, Livingstone House is the only school in Orapa that has a special unit.

“The aim of the programme is to facilitate mainstreaming, such that once a pupil with special needs demonstrates ability to learn at the same level with other children, they would then be transferred to normal classes. We have had success stories in that regard,” said Kesego Kebelaele, Public and Corporate Affairs manager of OLM mines.

Kebelaele indicated that the team’s mission in Orapa was to assess children with special needs who were enrolled in special units, mainstream schools as well as those awaiting placement. She said that this assessment would help them determine the children’s needs and enable government to provide the necessary interventions for these children to access quality education.

“Ramaribana indicated that what is even more commendable is the special unit at Livingstone House, which demonstrates the company’s efforts to incorporate the learning of children with special needs in the system and thus play a positive contribution in the development of the children,” said Kebelaele.

She said that Ramaribana expressed gratitude to the assistance offered to her division by Debswana and encouraged the company to continue to nurture this relationship as both Government and local communities need the involvement of the private sector in social development.


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