Wednesday, November 29, 2023

“Spiritually driven” woman sits on Presidential chair to pray

An alleged spirit possessed woman has been absolved of any wrong doing after she was found sitting on the Presidential seat at the national assembly trying to pray for the country. 

Police later revealed that the National Assembly is well secured even though they said how the woman gained entry into the building was illegal.

Gaborone Central Police station commander superintendent Mothusi Phadi confirmed to this publication that his station investigated a case that involved a certain woman who allegedly gained entry into the national assembly ‘without notice.’

“It is true that my station once investigated a case that involved a certain woman who secretly entered the National Assembly without notice claiming to pray for the nation over rising cases of Covid-19,” he said.

He explained that the alleged suspect aged 47, a librarian at the university of Botswana was allegedly found by the law enforcement officers that were deployed at the National Assembly sitting on the presidential seat praying.

He said it is rare to find a person sitting on the presidential seat without any permission.  

He said the matter was thoroughly investigated by the police and the suspect was then charged with a single count of common nuisance.

He further said that it was unfortunate that the State lost the case during a trial that was held at the Extension II Magistrate court.

‘I want to assure the nation at large that our parliament is well secured as it is monitored 24/7, 362 days a year therefore such an incident will not occur again,” he said. 

The suspect’s attorney Samantha Mbikiwa of Mbikiwa legal Practice explained that her client was spiritually driven by the ‘Holly Spirit’ to go into Parliament and pray for the nation without anyone noticing her entry.

She stated that it was on a Sunday when her client was from church and went straight into the parliament building and sat on the presidential seat.

Mbikiwa further stated that while still praying law enforcement personal found her inside the national assembly and took her to the police for questioning.

After police investigations, she was charged with a single count of common nuisance.

Mbikiwa further said the matter was dismissed during trial as the state failed to produce any act or standing order that prohibits people from sitting on the Presidential seat.

‘Unfortunately, the state failed dismally to prove their case and the matter was thrown out of the window by the magistrate,” said Mbikiwa. 

Mbikiwa was reluctant to explain what kind of prayer her client was conducting or what could have caused it.

Efforts to solicit comment from the national assembly were futile. 


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